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New Brunswick Boating licence

New Brunswick’s Boating Fines

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, provincial, municipal and local police forces are dedicated to ensuring that our country is safe and secure, that includes our waterways. To ensure you are following the laws put in place, these forces are allowed to monitor your boating habits and search your vessel. Smart […]

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New Brunswick boating

New Brunswick Boating Knowledge: License and Registration

Both new and experienced boaters sometimes need a reminder about the rules and regulations put in place for boating in Canada. One of the commonly overlooked aspects of boating safety is the need to register or license your vessel. Boat licensing or registration is only required if your boat meets […]

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Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol - Alberta

New Brunswick’s Drinking and Boating Regulations

Looking forward to going boating this weekend? Great! But remember that drinking and boating are a bad mix and alcohol can severely impair your judgement – even after just one drink! Not only that, but the sun, wind, and the motions of the boat can add to your impairment and […]

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Lake Utopia New Brunswick

Where To Anchor And Eat In New Brunswick

Finding the best place to anchor for a bite to eat is one of the most satisfying things that a boater can do. These locations are among New Brunswick’s best for all types of water activities, and offer stunning moorages where you can drop anchor and enjoy a meal on […]

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New Brunswick Boat Insurance Info

Boat Insurance in New Brunswick Just like houses, boats are a big investment in somebody’s life; and you wouldn’t dream of leaving your house uninsured. So why is your boat uninsured? While boat insurance isn’t legally required in Canada, it is a very good idea. The rule of thumb in […]

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