The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, provincial, municipal and local police forces are dedicated to ensuring that our country is safe and secure, that includes our waterways. To ensure you are following the laws put in place, these forces are allowed to monitor your boating habits and search your vessel. Smart operators know how to be a safe and responsible boater; they know the legal requirements and understand how to avoid the fines. To be a smart and responsible operator, you should too.


  • Underage operation – $250


  • Violating shoreline speed limits$100
  • No proof of competency or Pleasure Craft Operator Card on board – $250
  • Unsafe operation of vessel – $350
  • Underage operation of a PWC (Personal Watercraft) – $250
    • PWCs include: Sea-doos, waterscooters, boatercycles, jet skis, and wave runners
  • Inaccessible or inoperative safety equipment – $200
  • Boating without due care; careless boating – $500
  • No Canadian-approved lifejackets – $200
    • NOTE: $200 fine applied to each passenger found without a floatation device
  • No spotter for passengers in tow – $250
  • No seating for passengers in tow – $250

Boating in New Brunswick is made much more enjoyable when you know you are boating in safe waters. Smart captains know these fines and the rules associated with them and  understand the importance of following them for the safety of everybody operating in New Brunswick waters. They should also be aware of the risks they face when allowing other people to drive their boat, as these fines can be applied to both the operator and owner of a vessel.

If you take a Transport Canada approved boating safety course, then you already know how to be a safe and responsible operator in your area. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? You need your Pleasure Craft Operator Card to go boating, so take the course, learn how to be a safe boater, and get started on your New Brunswick adventure.

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